Starts the weekend in Marina Bay, the first and second free practice session of the F1 2018 Singapore Grand Prix begins

F1 Grand Prix of Singapore 2018: Results of the free practice

Ricciardo in the cockpit of the Red Bull

Begin free practice 1 and 2 of Singapore GP of F1 2018 , with some scares and impacts with the barriers. Remember that in this nighttime layout in Marina Bay the walls are close, as in Monaco, but it is a longer race, it goes faster and is physically harder because of the tremendous heat it makes, which makes it one of the most complicated for the pilot's concentration. Today they were just tests, they were all putting the cars on, testing the compounds of tires, taking confidence in the track and seeing the limits, something very important in this type of circuits.

Some have tried those limits with greater fortune than others. For example, we have seen some track exits of the Mercedes, Williams, etc., because the track in free 1 was quite green. That has produced some scares and spins for cars but without major consequences, others have also taken the loopholes like Kimi. Instead, Charles Leclerc has hit his Sauber in free 1 and that has broken the front suspension, so he has not been so lucky and have had to repair that. Also Sebastian Vettel has done it again, and less than they were free, but has hit the barriers by another error and has not been able to shoot, hehco has been 2 tenths behind Fernando Alonso in free 2.

Vettel puts on his helmet

Here Ferrari is clearly ahead , with the Mercedes also close and the Red Bull that will also be close, although I do not think they will pole here. However it is a circuit where the engine counts less and your car can be adapted to perfection by the chassis and aerodynamics it has, so you could make a hole in the race and be on the podium. Also, if there are last-minute setbacks or climatic changes for the classification or race, everything could change ... more uncertainty. And remember that now we have some hurricanes and storms that have been forming in various areas of the planet and Singapore is a place where time could surprise (although that does not need to make the race exciting).

We have also heard some rumors that Alonso was flirting with NASCAR strong>, for those messages and video made by McLaren with the 7th time champion of American NASCAR Jimmie Johnson. But what could be announced is that he is the teammate in the Indy that McLaren will possibly set for 2019.Failing to know if the two of Haas will continue or not, the situation for some pilots is critical. But hey, we will see and comment on news, tomorrow more with free 3 and classification ...

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