We can see it at the imminent Paris Motor Show, but the Mercedes-AMG A35 has started its unveiling with these suggestive teasers

The Mercedes-AMG A35 begins its unveiling before arriving in Paris

Mercedes-AMG A35 teaser

If the third generation of the Mercedes-Benz Class A already meant a radical change with respect to the previous iteration, the fourth has not been less. In addition to "normalizing" its design, it has solved some of the details that did not finish us. But what has impressed us most is that the sports family AMG will have a version that will be positioned one step below the desired A45 .

Mercedes-AMG A35 will be the access model to the sports range of the Class A and just a few days after its debut at the Paris International Motor Show, it has begun uncovering . The manager to unveil these teasers has been none other than Mercedes-Benz Passion Blog , publicly showing the good harmony between this community of owners and fans and the German firm itself .

Some of the aesthetic details that we can configure the physiognomy of the next Mercedes-AMG A35 are its front and rear optical groups (both with LED technology), a generous air intakes, the AMG logo on the grill, the thresholds of the doors with the specific plates of this spicy version or a generous spoiler and the plate A35 on the door that gives access to the trunk.

Mercedes-AMG A35 teaser

At the mechanical level, it is expected that the Mercedes-AMG A35 count on its engine compartment with gasoline mechanics 2.0 liters turbo with four cylinders with an output of 300 HP and a maximum torque of 400 Nm. With this block, I would sign a step from 0 to 100 kilometers per hour in a scant 5 seconds and a "theoretical" maximum speed electronically limited to 250 kilometers per hour .

The version AMG A35 of the Mercedes-Benz Class A will be placed in the manufacturer's range between the current A250 and the next AMG A45 strong>, so it will help to boost sales in those customers who can not access the more prestacional version.

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