Everything you need to know Madrid Central: what vehicles can you enter with? How is access requested? The fines and the map of the area.

Madrid Central: entry into force, map, fines and affected vehicles

Central Madrid

As of November 30, 2018 the traffic restriction area known as Madrid Central takes effect. A measure that seeks to reduce emissions in the downtown area of ​​the capital, especially those of NOx. Only residents and certain types of transportation may travel within this area without incurring a fine. Although it will not be until March 15, 2019 when they begin to punish drivers.

As of this date, Madrid Central receives the treatment of low emission area and It will affect an area of ​​472 hectares. Do not confuse it with the so-called "Madrid almond" which refers to the area inside the M-30 and which corresponds to a much larger part of the city. Then we tell you what perimeter affects, what vehicles can enter and how fines work by circulating in it without permission.

Map of Central Madrid

 Map of Madrid Central - Low emission area with traffic restriction

As you can see on the map, Central Madrid affects the perimeter marked by the following streets:

  • from the Plaza de Colón to the Fuente de Cibeles, going down the Paseo de Recoletos
  • of Cibeles to Atocha, going along the Paseo del Prado and going through the Fuente de Neptuno
  • from Atocha to the Glorieta de Embajadores, passing through the Ronda de Atocha and the Ronda de Valencia
  • from the Ambassadors Roundabout to Puerta from Toledo, passing through the Ronda de Toledo
  • from the Puerta de Toledo to the Cuesta de la Vega, following the Ronda de Segovia. Although you can also climb the Gran Vía de San Francisco and Calle Bailén to Calle Mayor.
  • from the Calle Mayor with Calle de Bailén to the Plaza de España
  • from the Plaza de España to Calle Serrano Jover, going through Calle Princesa.
  • You can also go through Calle de Santa Cruz from Marcenado , then turn left on Calle de los Mártires de Alcalá until Alberto Aguilera
  • de Serrano Jover with Calle de Alberto Aguilera until the Glorieta de Ruiz Jiménez
  • from the Ruiz Jiménez Roundabout (Metro San Bernardo) to the Bilbao Metro, passing through Calle Carranza
  • of the Metro de Bilbao to Plaza Alonso Martínez on Calle de Sagasta ​​li>
  • and from Plaza Alonso Martínez back to Plaza de Colón

Drivers can see if the street they are going to circulate is within the zone of Central Madrid thanks to the signs of indication placed by the city council. Both vertical signs and large signs painted on the roadway have been used.

Central Madrid from Puerta de Toledo

Who and what vehicles can you enter in Central Madrid?

  • The cars and motorcycles with environmental labels Zero Emissions and ECO .
  • Motorcycles with environmental label C or B They can be accessed from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm.
  • Vehicles that park in public or private parkings (hotels, supermarkets, etc.). The establishment will give the registration to the administration so that it does not process the fine.
  • Vehicles of people registered in the Central District .They will have to process up to 20 individual permits per month to have access to Central Madrid for a day. They can be processed by calling 010 (915 298 210 from outside Madrid), twitter account @lineamadrid, the Electronic Office of the City of Madrid or going in person to an Office of Citizenship (OAC).
  • Vehicles for people with reduced mobility . People with Parking Cards for People with Reduced Mobility (TEPMR) issued in Madrid and that appear in the database of cards of the Community of Madrid. The others, must present their TEPMR in the Electronic Headquarters of Madrid City Council or by going to an Office of Attention to Citizenship (OAC).
  • Autotaxis
  • Concert Transport Vehicles (VTC) . VTC cars with environmental labels B or C, which have a service previously contracted to the implementation of the low emission area, will have to register in the application of access management to Central Madrid.
  • The vehicles of owners or tenants of parking spaces . They must register in the database of access management to Central Madrid
  • Vehicles that access the workshops repair of vehicles in the interior of Central Madrid. The workshop will be responsible for giving the registration to the administration so that the fine is not processed.
  • Vehicles of the holders of concessions of seats of some Municipal Parking for Residents or with reservations in public or private establishments that have a non-dotational parking reservation . Both cases must be registered in the database of access management to Central Madrid.
  • Ambulances and other medical services , firemen , towing cranes , police and Civil protection and rescue .
  • Vehicles of companies and professionals that provide services or deliver or pick up supplies.
    • If the vehicle does not exceed the 3,500 kg MMA , the interested party who owns it must register with the access management application to Madrid Central, through the Electronic Headquarters of the City of Madrid or by presenting an Office of Attention to Citizenship (OAC). The penalty for entering it without fulfilling the conditions is 90 euros . An amount that can be reduced to 45 for prompt payment if done during the voluntary period of 20 days.

      The control of access to the area will be done in the same way as in the Priority Residential Areas (APR). ). That is, through surveillance cameras and a computer system that reads license plates. Until this method is fully deployed and tested, it will be the agents of the Municipal Police, who will personally monitor access to the area.

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