Hennessey has unveiled its latest package: the Dodge Challenger SRT Demon powered up to more than 1,200 hp. If you used to make a little horse, what will you do now?

A Dodge Demon with more than 1,200 HP: if you used to make a little horse, what will you do now?

Dodge Demon Hennessey

Did you know that the Demon was the first production car capable of lifting the front wheels when accelerating? If this muscle car already achieved this with 850 HP, imagine what it will do with the 364 HP extra of Hennessey .

This preparer is famous for that it gives to its models. Good account of it gave the Mustang Heritage Edition, which went from 450 hp to 820 hp, or the Camaro ZL1 The Exorcist, whose 650 hp engine ended up yielding 1,014 hp. Precisely this last car received the nickname of exorcist, because it was imposed on the Dodge Demon without retouching. Now with this latest work, Hennessey becomes the competition herself and turns the tables again in favor of the "Demon".

Under the hood of the Dodge Demon HPE 1,200

 Dodge Demon engine from Hennessey

When talking about cars of this type, keep in mind that under the hood They have nothing to do with a conventional car . When buying a Demon, whose full name is Dodge Challenger SRT Demon , the owner receives two keys. A black and a red one that allows you to unleash your full potential. If the latter is used with the tank filled with 100-octane gasoline (or 95, or 98), the 850 hp can be obtained, which will enable the car to make a small "horse" when leaving from standstill.

Starting from this base, Hennessey has replaced the turbo and other engine components to get 1,217 HP. All this while maintaining the necessary approvals so that the Demon can continue circulating on the street . Although this last issue is not so complicated to get in the country of origin of the brand. The United States legislation allows more transformations than in Spain and other European countries. For example, the drag-wheel kit that includes the Demon sticks enough to the asphalt so that can lift the nose , but they are still valid for public roads.

The secret is in the wheels

This is another special feature of these cars. To transmit such high power to the asphalt , having four-wheel drive is a very good solution. But, this serves little if the car is going to take off the front wheels off the ground. Therefore, having tires with greater grip on the rear axle also allows impressive acceleration times. Of course, as long as the legislation of the country in which you find yourself allows you to equip them and want to pay for them.

Hennessey is essentially a house of preparations , but recently he has dared to manufacture his own car: the Venom F5. A supercar that according to its creators is the fastest in the world. You may be interested
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