Results of the free practice 1 and 2 in the GP of Australia, the first for this season of F1 2019 in a weekend of pure motor

F1 Grand Prix of Australia 2019: Results of the free

Hamilton in Mercedes at the Australian Grand Prix

Starts the season of F1 2019, with the GP of Australia as the opening event. A season that comes with many changes of regulation starting with the new front and rear ailerons as we have already mentioned, the new regulation for the weight that will not penalize the taller or heavier riders, since now the ballasts are placed in the cockpit and there will be no freedom to distribute the ballasts in more beneficial areas in the case of less heavy pilots.

Remember also that now the fast lap will give 1 extra point to the one who takes it. And as for other news, you know, the paddock is saddened by the sudden death of Charlie Whiting . And if we go to the purely sports, say that Mercedes has made the best times. In the tests of Barcelona seemed very covered and Ferrari has been there behind, but Vettel has complained that the car is the same as in the tests but does not seem to do the same.

Albon accident Australia F1 2019

Photo by Glenn Dunbar/LAT Images

That may be due to the characteristics of the track or temperatures and other conditions. We will see if in all the remaining circuits the same thing happens. In addition, the classification and race are still missing, the real hour where everyone stops cheating and puts all their cards on the table. We'll see if this is just a fake and then they'll be ahead or if it's something real. Also, remember that some cars may not be quick in qualifying and then they are in the race or vice versa.

As for the rest, we know that Red Bull has been very competitive like last year. We expected more after all they have said about the benefits of Honda. But we'll see ... However, today they have had a power loss problem that does not seem too serious. We will see how things are going. Williams, difficult start for her, McLaren maybe a little better than last year, but still far. Sauber, Renault and Haas look like the following after the first three.

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