The guys from Hyundai Australia have created a one-off version (which will not make it to the series) with the cabrio body of the newly renovated Santa Fe

Hyundai Australia fantasizes with a one-off Cabrio del Santa Fe

Hyundai Santa Fe Cabriolet One-Off

Fever for the SUV' s seems not to touch roof in a market where more and more brands delve into sub-segments that until not long ago had failed miserably. If we remember, in his day Nissan presented a Cabrio version of Murano , a model that left the market before an icy reception. Land Rover tried its luck with the Range Rover Evoque Cabrio and it seems that luck has been different.

So warm seems to be the reception of this latest proposal , that Volkswagen will be thrown into the pool with the T-Cross Breeze , the homeless brother of T-Roc . However, who has given the bell with an equal product has been Hyundai , because their Australian engineers have created a one-off in the same spirit. For this they have taken as their base the last generation of the Santa Fe , to which they have removed the roof, keeping intact the other structural and design elements.

 Hyundai Santa Fe Cabriolet One-Off

At an aesthetic level, the main design features of the Santa Fe fourth generation are there. It maintains the characteristic frontal that Hyundai is implementing among its new creations, along with the four doors to access the interior and the seven seats as standard. The main changes that the South Korean road has received have focused on the roof removal , the side windows and the behind finish.

In the meantime, it seems that the engineers have forgotten something, and that is that there is a small problem. The reason is that does not have hood or any element that covers its interior before the inclement weather. In addition we must add that we do not know if the gate is functional or if on the contrary there is no way to access the trunk, rather than the upper part of the passenger compartment.

Hyundai Santa Fe Cabriolet One-Off

The mechanical chosen to motorize this > Hyundai Santa Fe Cabrio , how could it be otherwise, it is diesel cycle. Among the options that are in the range of all road, have opted for the most powerful, ie the four-cylinder turbocharged CRDI with 2.2 liters of displacement and 200 HP of power that goes together with the automatic gearbox of 8 relations.

Those in charge of testing this curious Hyundai Santa Fe Cabrio - one-off- have been the boys of CarAdvice . In any case, we must emphasize that this one-off will not reach production, because it is only approved to circulate in a circuit or facilities closed to traffic. To this we must add that it would not be very coherent to go around with a model that can get wet, dirty and so on.

In any case, be very careful because if Volkswagen dares with a product like that, Hyundai has enough money, engineers and daring to screw it up.

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