Start the F1 2018 Singapore GP with Hamilton on pole, thanks to another world time. Verstappen 2nd and Vettel with the best Ferrari can not

F1 Grand Prix of Singapore 2018: Results of the classification

Hamilton in Singapore 2018

Starts Saturday with the 3 free and the Singapore Grand Prix classification of F1 2018 in which we have seen some very fun and exciting sessions from start to finish. Lewis Hamilton , with a Mercedes that does not adapt well to this track, has managed to make a time of another world passing millimeters of the walls and risking to the maximum to make a 1'36 "0 that has been worth to make the pole in his first attempt of tires. In the second attempt he could not improve his previous lap and aborted the lap, but that was enough for him to have the pole because the others have not improved his lap.

Max Verstappen has also taken oil from his Red Bull and has positioned the car of energy drinks in second place in the standings, so it will be right after Hamilton tomorrow. The start will be the most exciting, it will be one of the most exciting dates of the season and we will have to wait at the end to see what happens, because everything can happen and in this circuit the Safety Cars always come out. And also magnificent return of Fernando Alonso , that when Vandoorne fell in Q1 he has passed the cut and has become 11th with a tiempazo to drive the car he drives ... Not so good has been the return of Carlos, who has been 12th with Hülkenberg ahead in Q3.

Vettel in Singapore 2018

Sebastian Vettel still not showing who is a defender of the 4 titles he has. This year as we have been repeating has the best car, the best Ferrari for decades and is not knowing how to get advantage of it by their constant mistakes. Today he did not do a good lap when he could have had the pole because they were favorites for it. He himself has been displeased with his turns and his face said it all. It has a lot of pressure on it and Ferrari starts to get tired, especially after Monza. And yesterday he hit the wall and broke the car ... tomorrow I hope he does not get nervous at the start and we revive a Singapore 2017.

Let's remember that it is a very hard race for the driver because of the intense heat he is doing here and because of the extreme concentration that you must have back to back how close the walls are and from what is passed to a few centimeters. Also, as I said, there are usually incidents at the start and during the race, especially in the last laps when it is more difficult to maintain concentration or the tires are in worse condition, so Safety Car is expected and could alter everything as soon as to strategies or positions. The rain seems not to appear but it is not needed to have emotion as we see.And if he gets to Verstappen and placed 2nd, then Hamilton would also be 37 points ahead of here. For what you only need to win, and if Hamilton gets those 37 points here, Vettel would have to win the remaining races, yes, win the 6 of the 6 remaining races if he still wants to win the world championship. Therefore, unless failing Mercedes or accident that there is a 0 for the British, the German would not win and that will hurt Maranello who knows how to lose without the best car but not having the best car, and we will see how it is take the tifosi, which I do not think either the Italian press feels good ...

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