The real fire begins with the classification of the Australian GP of F1 2019, with a Hamilton to 7 tenths ahead with a great pole. Carlos Sainz with problems ...

F1 GP of Australia 2019: Results of the classification

(Photo by Glenn Dunbar/LAT Images)

Start the weekend with the classification of the GP of Australia of F1 2019 , although previously we had the free 3 with Hamilton and Vettel above. In addition, the Haas have already shown their cards remaining after the rest, something that would be confirmed in the classification a few hours later. On the other hand, the McLaren saw them back in the free 3 and then confirmed the good feeling of the pre-season training, putting a car in Q3 with ease.

Carlos Sainz has been the injured, not He could not even make it to Q2, but not because the McLaren MCL34 does not render, but because he has encountered traffic from a Williams, Kubica's. That has shattered his fast lap and has fallen on his first stake with McLarne. On the other hand, the young Lando Norris was able to put the car in Q3, qualifying 8th. Very good for McLaren and very good for Lando who has shown the true potential of the McLaren that is to be behind the Haas and in front of the rest ... All thanks to the hard work of all the McLaren personnel to get out of the situation of last year.

As for the big ones, you already know that Mercedes has been incontestable in the classification. Both have been ahead, with Hamilton on pole to 7 tenths . Very good performance of the German team. As for the Red Bull, one of them, the Verstappen has been able to overcome a Ferrari. Therefore, not so happy in Ferrari, who have seen how the cars of Maranello are overtaken by Mercedes and also by Red Bull. It must be said that if the other Red Bull was not Gasly, but that Ricciardo was still there, he would probably also be in front of the red cars. In favor of the Italians, I have to say that the second car was that of Charles Leclerc which was his first race for Ferrari and he will surely improve little by little when he has more experience.

Verstappen has been happy with the classification mode of the Honda engine, and for the moment the reliability is maintained. By the way, we have learned that Coca-Cola has renewed with McLaren as at the end of last season. We'll see if tomorrow changes everything, but of course the Mercedes are the best positioned to get the victory.

What has left us this classification is the real situation of the grid . And if we consider this first race we have this situation:

Position Team
1 Mercedes
2 Ferrari
3 Red Bull
4 Haas
5 McLaren
6 Sauber
7 Racing Point
8 Renault
9 Toro Rosso
10 Williams

Something I already sensed when I did the analysis of the preseason , only the surprise or the mistake that I have made has been regarding Racing Point and Renault.By the way, congratulations to Helmut Marko, his sick hatred towards McLaren made him say that " McLaren and Williams are the laggards " before the season, and I have to say that it was right ... today the last three McLaren and the two Williams. A pity that the McLaren is there for traffic, otherwise it would be in Q3 with the other ... Go Marko's most ominous prediction ... when he speaks hate and not the reason is what usually happens!

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