After being shown in several teasers, the BMW Vision iNEXT Concept has finally been unveiled, illuminating the path that the future of the Bavarian firm will take

BMW Vision iNEXT Concept, or how the future of the Bayerische could be

A few days ago we announced that BMW strong> had unveiled new graphic material of all electric road Vision iNEXT Concept . The wait for knowing this model has lasted several months, but first of all, we must warn you that it is not a model that will go directly to production. Rather, this is a vehicle laboratory to develop technologies such as autonomous driving or electric propulsion.

Aesthetically, what more the attention of the BMW Vision iNEXT Concept is its powerful front. In it, we find optical groups (with LED technology) very thin flanking a double kidney grille that looks like the electric version of the X3 looks. The "B" pillars have become very thin, housing a very steep moon and mirrors that have been replaced by cameras.

If we go to the lateral zone , its forms remind us of what the i3 looks like, including rear doors of suicide opening. In any case, it is the rear where there is greater visual load, because the moon, the LED optical groups and the bumper (with diffuser included) seem to be made in a single piece. To this, we must add that the tone chosen for the body (bronze) does not seem very graceful, contrasting with alloy wheels 24 inches.

Accessing the interior , the most notable element is the large panoramic roof crystal. The light that passes through it helps to generate a feeling of habitability that is increased thanks to the surfaces in warm tones. Through the two large multifunction screens located on the dashboard, the driver and passengers will control the main parameters of driving and comfort on board.

According to the Chairman of the Board of Directors of BMW Group , Harald Krüger,

"The iNEXT project will provide our building blocks for the future, from which the entire company and all its brands benefit "[...]" The BMW Vision iNEXT represents a new era of pure pleasure to drive "


Adrian van Hooydonk, Senior Vice President of BMW Group Design , summarizes the idea of ​​BMW i as follows:

"BMW i exists to generate creative ideas and pioneers that transform the way we think about mobility. The BMW Vision iNEXT marks another great step in this transformation path, which shows how smarter vehicles can make our lives easier and more beautiful "

The production of > Vision iNEXT Concept is scheduled for the year 2021 at its Dingolfing plant. In this presentation they have not communicated data about their propulsion system or how their autonomous driving system works.

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